House payments are comprised of:  P. I. T. I.
(Principle, interest, taxes, insurance)

FHA loans require 3.5% down payment vs. conventional loans require 5% down. The down side of FHA loans is that PMI (private mortgage insurance) is required for the full 30 years, unlike conventional, which is 5 years. If you have to go the FHA route, you may want to strongly consider doing a 5 year ARM (adjustable rate mortgage) then refinance in 2 years. *The only way to avoid paying PMI is to put down 20%, which most first time home buyers don't have) 

Investors: Rental properties will require 20% down payment.

*If you're shopping for town homes, pay attention to the association fees. (Some can be very high) 

When calculating what your payment will be, PMI is typically 1% of the loan. Conventional loan PMI is determined by your credit scores. Your mortgage lender will advise you on that exact amount.

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