UP FRONT Homes is looking for a few good agents who are ready for a change plus a    better split. 90%-10%. Must possess solid research and negotiating skills with an eye for detail. Customer service and integrity is job #1. You'll pay your quarterly MLS fees, as well as, local, state and national dues but you'll never pay any desk fee, franchise fee or any other 'pass-thru' fee. FYI, We never charge our clients an "admin fee." Work at your own pace. Total assistance but no micro managing. We're here to help! Contact Greg:

Greg Haage, Owner/Broker

Greg's mobile: 612-804-3267

Email: upfronthomes@aol.com
MN license: 40112115

Piper Kosel, Realtor
Piper's mobile: 612-559-1986   

Email: PiperYourRealtor@aol.com
MN license: 40711244

Office: 763-522-8156, Fax: 763-522-6634

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